Turbine Mini IP Standard-1 (TMIS-1)

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The TMIS-1 IP Turbine Mini intercom station is robust and designed for indoor use.

This station is typically used as a communication, information or emergency point and connects directly to the IP network.


Turbine Mini
Turbine mini is designed from a healthcare point of view. Easy to clean. Nice
and modern appearance. Compact appearance and made to last.

• Aluminium frame 120 x 120 x 6mm
• Active noice cancelling
• G.711 and G.722/G.729 codec
• SIP/Pulse/Alphacom
• 1 Watt Class-D
• Ca: 85dB

Turbine Mini is an ip-connected loud speaking device that could be attached
basically towards any SIP server or towards and Alphacom intercom server.
Turbine Mini is preferably used in a hospital or nurse call environment where
speech connection is necessary.

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