Turbine Full-Size Industrial IP Extended-6 (TFIE-6)

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The TFIE-6 IP industrial intercom station is a rugged device,
designed for harsh environments and meets  industrial and offshore
requirements. The plastic housing is designed to withstand most chemical
and environmental hazards found onshore or offshore. The TFIE-6
features a full keypad with four programmable buttons, keys for manual
override (PTT) and Cancel, plus display with scrolling unit. The
intercom station is fully digital and offers crystal clear audio with
high output through a 10 W internal  amplifier and 78 mm speaker,
offering up to 100dB SPL.

Active Noise Reduction and Acoustic Echo  Cancelling allows for
hands-free two-way communication with superior audio quality. Intercom
status indicators display the status of the system and are compatible
with AlphaCom and Exigo systems as well as SIP functionality for use
with 3rd party systems.

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