Turbine Compact Analog Stand-2

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Analog Intercom

  • Audio Presence – crystal clear audio
  • Analog MEMS microphone
  • Unique 3D speaker grille design
  • Scandinavian functional design
  • Dirt, dust and water resistant – rating IP-66
  • Built to last with robust die cast aluminium frame – rating IK 10
  • Stainless steel front plate with one button
  • Ideal for Building Security and Public Environments

All analog stations in the Turbine series offer stunning audio quality. AlphaCom’s advanced switching technology, loud volume, wide frequency range and our unique 3D speaker grille design are some of the factors contributing to this. We also put great pride into selecting the very best components like the new analog MEMS microphone for the stations.

Turbine comprises a wide range of stations for many different purposes, with some features in common. They are all designed for the most demanding environments where communication is critical. All electronics are covered by a 3 mm thick, die cast aluminum frame. This frame is even further reinforced by a faceplate in either stainless steel or Plexiglas. All stations are dust proof and water resistant, both when flush and surface mounted – with ingress protection rating IP-66. All stations are vandal resistant with poke protection and impact resistance ratings between IK 08 and IK 10.

The station can be placed up to 4 km from the AlphaCom server/exchange without the need for any local power source. The station uses the conventional 4-wire interface, receiving both power and audio in the same cable. To provide maximum availability the station comes with advanced supervision functions. The station line test will detect whether any faults are in the network or station electronics. In addition the station supports tone test, i.e. testing the complete transmission path including microphone and speaker. The status of the stations is reported to AlphaWeb as well as to 3rd party management systems using SNMP, Syslog or Microsoft OPC .

Turbine follows in the grand tradition of Scandinavian design appreciated by designers the world over. The station’s strong identity lies in the speaker grille. It is not only designed for aesthetic reasons, but also for audio quality and protection – with form following function. And there can be little doubt as to its function: loudspeaking hands-free communication.

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