Text Information Modul (TIM)

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The TIM module is an RS 232 serial interface. It can be used when no secure 2-way communication like ESPA 4.4.4. or OIP is available. To make it work TIM can be adjusted and scripted to most serial log or printer ports.


TIM is connected via an RS485 bus to our message server CMS for instant forwarding of alarms and messages to other devices in a system.


The device can continuously be monitored via COBS Message Server.


Web browser via CMS

Technical data

  • 1 serial RS232 port
  • 1 RS485 port for communication with CMS
  • 1 serial log port for PC connection
  • 10-30 VDC supply voltage
  • Maximum 3W
  • Size (L x W x D) 119 x 72 x 30 mm
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