SMART Manager SSC (1 per month & device)

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Software Service Agreement is an maintenance fee
for continuous development and improvement of the Smart Manager and the SMART1
in combination.
Software Service Agreement is based on the number of connected SMART1 and on
how long the contract period.
The agreement needs to be signed with the partner and not directly with COBS.
For example 1: A new system that goes live on January 1st, year 1 and includes
30 SMART1 devices and with a contract period of 36 months.
Calculation: 30 (SMART1) x 36 (months) = 1080 SSC.

For example 2: The same customer wants to expand the system with additional 10
SMART1 devices after 1 year (12 months). It is now 24 months left of the
agreement period for the system. Calculation: This means 24 months of contract
period left and requires x10 (SMART1) x 24 (months) = 240 SSC shall be added to
the system.

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