SMART Manager Activation

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For managing, controlling, updating the SMART1
devices. Also, to handle user profiles. With authentication the SMART1 can be
adapted to each user’s needs.

Protect your investment and keep it up to date with SMART Manager.
Smart Manager is

• a complete solution for managing, controlling, updating the SMART devices
during their entire life cycle.
• designed to simplify and ensure the operation, maintenance, stability and
availability of our customers’ systems.
• administered via a web interface.

Smart Manager is built on modern web technology and offers resellers,
administrators and end-users a smart application platform optimized (but not
limited) for systems up to approx. 200 units. The main purpose of the SMART
manager is to host all licenses and applications dedicated for the site. The
SMART1 devices shall be seen as working tools and the purpose is to provide an
efficient tools that has a long lifecycle and a clear ROI.

Smart Manager is required in all installations that require some form of
license management. All data is distributed over Wi-Fi therefore it is
necessary to have an Ethernet network and at least one Wi-Fi Access Point (AP)
per system. Smart Manager is installed as a virtual installation on a PC /
server or on a dedicated hardware delivered from COBS. A SMART1 device cannot
be bought with a license from the start without requiring a SMART Manager
locally installed for all license management.
SMART Manager contains:

• SMART Device Manager (SDM)
• SMART User Authentication (SUA)
• SMART Application Manager (SAM)
• SMART Logging Server (SLS)
• SW Update server
• Backup
• Syslog server

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