PAT+ Alarm Transmitter with battery exchange possibility. Bracelet and necklace included

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Button color: Red
Battery exchange: Yes
Single push: Yes
Double push: Yes
Battery status : Yes
Location detection: No
Inactivity: No
Fall-alarm: No


Alarm transmitters PAT+ is the ideal solution for social wellfare offices, nursing homes, demential alarm, wanderer alert or emergency rooms.

COBS alarm transmitter PAT/PAT+ / PAL+ is a series of portable alarm transmitters with features that provides increased security and personal safety.

It is a small and handy transmitter that can be worn in several ways. Users themselves can raise the alarm by pressing the alarm button.

The alarm is sent to the radio receiver A-TRAX or A-TRAX IP that forwards the alarm to COBS Alarm and Message Server CMS. The alarm can then be displayed on various devices such as COBS wireless DECT phones, via the web interface and a GSM phone.
All alarm transmitters has a continuous battery monitoring and warns if the battery level is low.
PAT + is as PAT but with the possibility for the customers to change the battery. The device is IP67 classified (waterproof) provided the battery has been properly exchanged by the user.

Note! It is very important that the battery is exchanged in a proper way so that the product retains water thightness.


  • Elastic Bracelet
  • Plastic (safety strap)
  • Neck String


  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 45.5 x 35 x 13.6 mm
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • 869.250 MHz
  • IP 67 (water / dust)
  • Two-way radio
  • Zone ID
  • 65 000 ID position.
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