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My2N Annual Device Subscription. The 2N® Mobile Video service lets you communicate with your visitors via your mobile phone and the 2N IP intercom installed at your door.

Be aware of what is happening outside your house
The video image from your intercom or from an external IP camera helps you stay informed about persons moving around your home.
The most reliable cloud service
A professional, backed-up and monitored cloud solution that provides you
with constant availability. Tested with mobile operators all over the

List of missed calls with a picture of the caller

Display a list of missed calls from the intercom on your mobile telephone with a picture of the caller.

Easy configuration and remote administration
Set up your 2N IP Intercom or make changes to the configuration remotely with the cloud portal.

Support for IP telephones
You can also use the service with IP phones from other manufacturers thanks to SIP protocol

Open the door even when you are not home

Open the door for your visitors with a single press of a button on your mobile phone from any place around the world.
Application available for iOS and Android

The application is easily accessible on your mobile device or tablet with the iOS or Android operating system.

Simple solution for complex installations
use of simple connection between devices on different local networks.
More intercoms can be under your control from a single application.

Video preview before answering calls

you answer video calls on your mobile phone, you will see an image from
the camera to help you decide whether you wish to communicate with the

Don’t miss a word during the call

Clear, high-quality sound ensures that you don’t miss a word when talking to visitors or listening in via the intercom.

General requirements
2N® Mobile Video is a cloud service located on the My2N

At least one 2N IP intercom with (or without camera) and firmware version 2.22 or newer connected to the internet.

A mobile phone with the Android operating system version 6 or newer or iOS version 12 or newer, and the 2N® Mobile Video app installed.

mobile phone must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or a 4G
mobile data connection. (The service may not function correctly with
slower mobile data connections.)


The 2N® Mobile Video service can be used for a maximum of 500 devices in one location (site).


A maximum of 5 devices can be called using one speed-dial button.Service reliability is 99.7 % (the service is not guaranteed)

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