2N® IP Verso – Touch display module

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IP-Verso – Touch Display w capacity for 10,000 contacts and scrambled keypad


Module for 2N IP Verso and
2N LTE Verso

The touch display module for the 2N® IP Verso door intercom.
This upmarket, four-inch LCD display captivates with its intuitive
controls and search function. In addition, it is resistant to water and
mechanical damage to the utmost, and is very easy to read, not only in
total darkness, but even in direct sunlight. Watch our video tutorial
showing how to set up your own phone book, contacts and adjust various aspects of 2N® IP Verso Touch Display.

Tree-structured phone book with capacity for up to 10,000 contacts
Touch keypad for access code entry
During idle time can show a slideshow, e.g. the company logo
Scramble keypad to prevent onlookers from detecting the access code

The touchscreen offers users many useful features. Certainly worth mentioning is the phone book, in which you can easily create a tree structure of contacts. You will also appreciate its capacity to store up to 10000 contacts, or the ability to search for a person or department.

Among other highlights of this four-inch display is the touch keypad
for convenient access code entry. Also, during idle time the display
can show e.g. your logo, advertising, important announcements or
thematic pictures.

The touchscreen is designed for indoor or outdoor use and is powered by, set and controlled directly from the 2N® IP Verso main intercom unit.

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