2N® IP Verso Secure Door set – contains I/O module (9155034), tamper switch (9155038) and Security Relay (9159010) with a 15% discount

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Security set with 3 devices. One tamper switch, one I/O module (booth to be mounted inside the intercom) one externally mounted door opening relay.


The security relay is a simple accessory which prevents
doors from being opened with a 12V battery. Such a battery allows
burglars to open low-power locks if they reach the cables connecting the
intercom/reader to the lock. Install the relay between the
intercom/reader and the lock. Then pair the security relay with the 2N
device. Once set up, the lock will only open if the relay identifies the
specific signal sent from the intercom/reader.

The tamper switch is designed to detect intrusion into
the intercom’s frame and will activate an alarm if it detects intrusion.
What if you also want to prepare more complex scenarios which activate
when an intercom is opened without authorization? The I/O module allows you, for example, to set the intercom to take photos and contact the appropriate security agency.

Individual bundle components may also be ordered individually.

One I/O module – 9155034

One Tamper switch – 9155038

One Security Relay – 9159010

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