12-channel base station for speech and messaging

Handles all call traffic in the air.The IP-DECT base station handles all traffic in the air and acts as a link between the terminal/phones and the system controller.

The base station is a 12-channel DECT base station. The base station is used to provide coverage and capacity of a system.
The base station supports encryption according to the DECT standard together with 400 and 6500 systems.

The base station communicates with the central processing unit of the 400, 6000 and 6500, over an Ethernet network (LAN).

Coverage Area. Each base station covers a circular area between 50-400 meters. The size of the coverage area is determined by external factors such as building materials, walls, reinforcement of walls, etc. Before an installation is performed, a range test must be conducted in order to obtain satisfactory performance.

Technical Data

  • 10 simultaneous calls

  • Antenna Diversity
  • Quick and easy installation – standard Ethernet with PoE connectivity
  • No external power needed, powered directly from a switch (PoE) IEEE 802.3af.
  • External antenna for sync and coverage
  • Connector for external powersupply (power adaptor)