IP-DECT 6500 Media Resource incl. rack cabinet

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The IP-DECT Media Resource provides voice channel capacity to the CWS IP-DECT 6500 system.
IP-DECT 6500 Media Resource is an add-on module for an existing IP-DECT 6500 system and to be used to extend the call capacity and handle more simultaneous calls. Each media Resource handles 32
simultaneous calls and can be “daisy chained” with a CWS 6500 server
that expands the total call capacity in the system. Media resource can also be
used for load balancing or as a redundant server to manage automatic “fail

Load balancing:
At an installation with geographical spread locations the media resource can minimize the WAN network traffic between the locations. This if a local media resource is made available.

Critical applications often require redundancy in central (key) units.


• Adding call capacity

• Standby unit

• Redundancy
• Load balancing
• Minimize call traffic across the WAN in larger installations

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