IP-DECT 6500 Lic Redundancy 2.0

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This license enables the possibility to set up the IP-DECT 6500 servers in redundancy configuration and to act as redundant master/backup servers in a system with higher requirements on uptime.

Note: Two identical IP-DECT Server 6500 servers are needed and both must be licensed with identical SW licenses to establish Redundancy 2.0.

The redundancy feature of the IP-DECT Server 6500/Virtual IP-DECT Server One solution adds a backup server to the system, offering both better availability and better performance due to load balancing. By adding a backup server, the most critical failure point of the system is eliminated, allowing the system to continue running and provide service to the users, even when a server fails. Any active calls or sessions handled by the failed component will however be lost. The redundancy feature is designed to be as non-intrusive as possible. Other than setting up two servers, configuration and administration of a redundant solution is not different from a single server solution. All configurations are executed on the master server, and everything is presented in the same familiar menus. Configuration data and statistics are automatically propagated between all the IP-DECT Server 6500/Virtual IP-DECT Server One entities, e.g. base stations, media resources and server. See Configuration of the Redundant Servers.

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