IP-DECT 400 Server & Base

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The COBS IP-DECT Server 400 supports up to 60
wireless users and up to 24 simultaneous calls (codec dependent) – depending on
how you setup, configure and deploy your solution. This scalability ensures
that the COBS IP-DECT Server 400 solution can grow with your business for small
to medium-sized business sites. The COBS IP-DECT Server 400 has a built-in
access point for DECT and can be deployed as either a single-cell or a
multi-cell solution. The single-cell option is easy to deploy and install due
to its intuitive menu structure. Moreover, it is ideal as a hosted solution
because it has the capability for provisioning configuration, firmware, and
wireless users as well as VLAN tagging. When there is a need for more users or
coverage of a larger area or multiple locations, the solution can be upgraded
to a multi-cell solution, supporting up to 9 additional IP-DECT Base Stations.
The solution can be upgraded through optional license keys. COBS IP-DECT Server
400 supports an external antenna, which is an ideal choice for expanding
coverage or creating synchronization over the air in normally difficult areas
such as freezer rooms, cruise ships or long hallways.

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