IP-DECT 400 Lic LAN Sync

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License for activating the Sync over LAN in an
IP-DECT system. Potentially is it possible to use less base stations when
sending the sync signal over LAN instead.

Description of the feature:
When the base station radios are synchronized via radio, the base stations that
synchronize to each other must be within radio coverage of each other. This is
not required when LAN based radio synchronization is used. Here the deployment
requirements are the same as for the digital base stations and the coverage
overlap is only required for the handsets to be able to perform handovers. The
figure below illustrates the difference in coverage requirements for radio and
LAN based synchronization. Synchronization via LAN and radio can be combined in
the same DECT installation. Even when a base station is configured to
synchronize via LAN, it transmits the signal required for synchronization via
radio. Therefore, base stations synchronizing via radio can retrieve their
synchronization signal from a base station synchronizing via LAN. The other way
around is not possible.

The new IP-DECT base stations has the possibility to utilize this feature Calles
PTPv2 (Precise Time Protocol) in the network. All switches must also support
this feature as well. The PTPv2 features is based on IEEE 1588-2008.
The DECT system must run SW PCS15C or later.

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