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Modern design, large color display of 4.3″ and a touch screen makes this phone a clear favorite for those who use their phones a lot or put a high value on a representative environment and beautiful design.


The IP222 belongs to the innovaphone IP phone
design line and is a winner of the “red dot design award: product

Due to the implementation of wideband audio standard G.722 and
Energy Efficient Ethernet, the IP222 IP phone sets new visual standards
in addition to standards with respect to voice quality and energy

The IP222 is available in black or white.

The phone has 12 buttons to the left and right of the display, 8 of
which can be programmed at will as function keys.

A total of 16
functions can be assigned as there are two pages on the display. In
addition, 32 partner keys can be assigned.

  • Color display
  • Innovative handset cradle
  • 16 function keys and 32 partner keys
  • 3 x USB + one USB for extension module
  • G.722 standard for optimal voice quality
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet for low energy consumption
  • Extendable with the extension module IP2X2-X


1 x Gigabit Ethernet: 1000-BASE-T (auto negotiation), RJ-45 (modular
Jack 8P8C) with “Power over Ethernet” according to 802.3af and “Energy
Efficient Ethernet” according to 802.3az

1 x Gigabit Ethernet: 1000-BASE-T (auto negotiation), RJ-45 (modular Jack 8P8C) for PC connection

Connector for external power supply

4 x USB 2.0 port for headset connection and extension modules


Power supply: external PSU 12 V, 6 W or Power over Ethernet 802.3af, Class 2

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