The security relay is a simple accessory which we recommend using with
each intercom and reader. It significantly improves the security of the
installation at minimum additional cost. It prevents doors from being
opened with a 12V battery – a technique which allows burglars to open
low-power direct connected locks if they reach the cables connecting the intercom/reader
to the lock. Watch for installing the security relay.

Install the security relay between the intercom/reader and lock and pair it with the 2N device. If an attempt is made to open the door, the relay will wait for a verification code from the 2N device. Once the signal arrives, it will actuate the attached lock and open the door. If the signal does not arrive, for example if a burglar attempts to open the door with a 12V battery, the door will remain closed.

Connect the relay to the intercom/reader using the OUT 1 output. The relay has a 12V OUT connector for low-power locks and an electromagnetic relay (RELAY 1) for high-power locks.