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“A compact security intercom, 2N® Analog Force will ensure seamless communication even in demanding conditions. With it you’ll have control of the entrance to the building or premises. It’s suitable not only where there is no IP infrastructure.


A guard at your door for extreme
2N Helios Force offers a smart and effective solution for secure access control
of your entrance.
2N Helios Force is designed for operation in the most demanding conditions. The
robust mechanical construction offers the highest protective coverage rating
against dust and water, IP65, and protection against mechanical damage (vandal
resistant). Numerous deluxe features of this unit guarantee secure access
control for any extreme environment.

Basic Features
2N® Analog Force is a highly resistant and reliable door access intercom
provided with a lot of useful above-standard functions. 2N® Analog Force/Safety
can work as a standard or emergency door access intercom for buildings,
entrances to premises or garages, manufacturing halls, highways and so on.
2N® Analog Force is equipped with additional, 0,5-Watt audio amplifier.
Without power supply, amplifier is bypassed, and intercom is powered by
telephone line.
2N® Analog Force with 1 pre-programmable button. You can set up to six
telephone numbers for each of the buttons to increase the accessibility of the
called party.
2N® Analog Force with numerical keypad to be used as a code lock for
lock switch activating or telephone/subscriber number dialling.
2N® Analog Force is equipped with an electric lock switch. You can
control the switch using a numerical keypad or, during a call, using any
telephone set. An additional switch module can be installed if necessary. A
wide range of settings allow for a variety of applications.
2N® Analog Force is very easy to install. All you have to do is connect
the system into your PBX and feed it from a 12 V power supply.
2N® Analog Force programming is easy, voice menu based, via telephone.

Advantages of Use
Uncompromising AntiVandal design
Variable mounting options (brick/plasterboard flush mounting, surface mounting)
Dial buttons including name tags and backlight (2N® Analog Force)
Optional numerical keypad with backlight (2N® Analog Force)
Integrated electronic lock switches with wide setting options
Configuration via phone (voice menu based)
Operates on any analogue telephone line
Stable line power feeding
High acoustic quality
Special functions includes automatic dialling of multiple numbers, silent
dialling, departure/arrival, day/night mode, second switch delay

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