DECT 8000 Start kit Large

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Start kit large has growth ambitions.
Start kit Large is the growth alternative for the 8000 solution. It contains the
largest possible CPU-card with link possibilities, a base station card and also
an 16 analog interface card for analog PBX systems.

Add then the capabilities for a SIP card and IP-based base stations and you
have a very powerful start kit for the largest possible solution and something
to really grow into.

•        1pc CWS8000 rack unit, for 8 cards
(900 90 40)
•        1pc CPU card with link option (900
90 45)
•        1pc CWS8000 base station card (900
90 41)
•        1pc CWS8000 IWU-16 analogue card
(900 9042)

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