CMS Virtual Start

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The Virtual CMS is a messaging and alarm server running in VMWare environment. The CMS on a stable and proven
platform and the Virtual CMS is not limited to a specific hardware which means it could be running on almost any server of your choice.

The virtual CMS is able to handle ethernet connected modules for RS232, RS485 
interface or I/O contacts and has been tested with several brands.

CMS Virtual Start (SKU# 9050030) include the following licenses;

  • 9009670 CMS DECT RPC (CWS 2500/8000/400/6500/VIP)
  • 9009368 CMS COM
  • 9009382 CMS Open Interface Protocol (OIP)
  • 9009636 CMS Modbus Module license
  • 9009381 CMS ALERT 4U2

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