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The C-3115 handset is ideal for enhanced security and lone-worker protection.


This is the handset for enhanced security
and lone worker protection.C-3115 could be equipped with all possible personal
security features to protect your staff.

Colour coded alarms for better overview.C-3115 has a large and clear display
showing graphics and status list. Alarms and messages are prioritized and
sorted by colour with the most urgent alarm at the top.

Automatic alarms C-3115 can send automatic alarms if a user falls, is not
moving for a while, starts to run or if it tilts.

System integration Our handset can be integrated with other systems, for
example fire alarm.
Extremely robust and 3 years warrantyC-3115 is especially made to be able to
stand tough situations, the handset has an extremely robust design, it is drop
tested and water and dust resistant according to the IP65 classification.


Large accessible alarm button. The alarm button is easily accessible which
makes it possible to call for help quickly. On the right side of the handset
there is also an extra function key that can be used for example to acknowledge
an alarm or send soft alarms.

Positioning C-3115 can be ordered with precise positioning which makes it
possible for staff to get the exact position of a person in need of help.

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