Base Station 8-channels (v.6)

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8 channel base station, communicates with central unit via 4 wire twisted pair cable


The digital base station for DECT 8000 is a 8 channel basestation. The basestation is used to create coverage and add capacity in a solution.

The basestation in the DECT 8000 has a LED on the front that is GREEN if the basestation is in normal operation. The basestation is directly connected to the central unit with 4 dedicated wires.

The base station also has a connector for external antenna.


  • 8 simulationus speech channels
  • Antenna diversity
  • External antenna connector
  • No external powersupply
  • 4 wire connection
  • Typical indoor coverage 20-50 meters
  • Size 10 x 10 x 3cm
  • Possible to mount up side down
  • RJ45 connector
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