Alarm Output module (AOM-7)

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AOM is the output module used to control external devices in emergency situations.

The Output module can control external devices during alarm situations. Examples of controls are to stop a machine, to open a door when there is a fire alarm or to trigger a siren during an assault or dementia alarm.
AOM is connected to the communication server (CMS) through an RS485 bus for direct forwarding of alarms and messages to other devices in the system.
The device can be monitored continuously by COBS message server.
Web browser through the CMS
Technical data
  • A0M-7 includes 7 relay outputs
  • Supports closing or opening function
  • Ability to determine a timeout from 1-2550 seconds.
  • Repetition of alarms in intervals from 1-2550 seconds.
  • Size (LxWxH) 89 x 63mm
  • RS485 serial communication for communication with CMS
  • Power supply 10-30 VDC, 1.5W
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