Alert4U2 AIO + Phono

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A4U AIO is a wireless I/O module with a 6,3 mm phono contact in the A-Call series.


Wireless wall unit with phono (1/4″) connector and I/O for connection to 3rd party wired devices. Has two wired inputs and two wired outputs that can be independently controlled.

About the Alert4U2 wall unit series

COBS Alert4u2 wireless wall units are equipped with a selection of different push buttons, phono (1/4”) contact and pullcord options suit the needs an installation. The functionality is controlled from the COBS CMS. All wall units are equipped with two input wire contacts and two output wire contacts that can be utilized to for example turn on a light outside a room. The Alert4U2 wall units are using the EU’s approved frequency of social alarms. The use of this frequency minimizes the risk of interference. To be ensure that the wall units are operational there is built-in feature for ”radio test” alarm and ”low battery” alarm.

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