About Us

COBS originated in 1977 as a system integrator of paging systems. Since those early days, our focus has been on alarm and messaging solution for mission critical customers.

Over the years, our drive has been to integrate a variety of products from different providers into one great solution. We work with market leading suppliers, including Spectralink, Innovaphone, Zenitel and 2N, as well as our own brand.

COBS is a proud member of Lagercrantz Group – a B2B value-creating technology group consisting of about 50 companies.

COBS’ headquarters is situated in Gothenburg. We are proactively working with resellers and technology partners in Sweden and throughout Europe with a goal to expand further.

COBS has approximately 70 000 end-users protected by our solutions every day at roughly 5000 different facilities.

Our route to market is always done through resellers and/or distributors and partners both in Sweden and abroad.

We aim to be in the top three suppliers in Europe for user-friendly solutions with high security protection for people in distress situations, regardless of where they are in a building.

We comply with the WEEE and RoHS directives.